Remodeling of public space in the Municipality of Korydallos

Korydallos, Attica, Greece

Municipality of Korydallos

The renovated space is located in the center of Korydallos and lies next to the Penitentiary. The total area of 88 acres includes school complexes, an open-air theater, a basketball court, sidewalks, public paths and planted spaces. The use of this place is very intense, due to the daily presence of students and citizens. For this reason, there was severe damage both to the flooring and the existing equipment. At the same time, the old lighting equipment and the lack of green made it necessary to remodel the area.

The works carried out by alphadelta constructions included the configuration of access space for the disabled by constructing ramps and by using of appropriate materials, the installation of new luminaires with LED technology lamps and special night lighting with reduced consumption, the construction of a 1.030-meter long pedestrian route of quartz floor and the planting of empty spaces. Surrounding sidewalks were also restored, pedestrian crossings were formed, existing parking space was made appropriate to be re-used, routes for the blinds were set up and public equipment as well as public facilities were installed.

The goal finally achieved was the aesthetic, functional, environmental and energy upgrade of the area, after its initial configuration in 1980, when provision for the movement of people with disabilities was not made.



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τεχνική κατασκευαστική εταιρεία Αθήνα