Maintenance, repair of OSMAES Malesina settlement’s water supply

Malesina, Fthiotida, Greece

158 km

Early in January 2013, alphadelta was awarded a contract to maintain and upgrade the privately-owned water supply network of the Greek Army Permanent Officers Building Cooperative settlement (OSMAES) at Malesina. This was an extensive and demanding project.


The network comprised pipelines with a total length of 158km, including two freshwater boreholes in the Marino area with a depth of approximately 200m, three pumping stations with a total power of 560hp, and four water reservoirs with a total capacity of 400m3. Our company replaced and repaired blocked high-pressure pipelines; restored leakages and replaced broken copper, PVC, and HDPE pipes; replaced malfunctioning electrical equipment (relays, wiring, miniature breakers, soft starters etc.).

replaced faulty mechanical equipment (underwater pumping systems, no-return valves, shock arrestors etc.); repaired problems in the automation system (circuit boards, pressure sensors etc.); rectified problems in the network’s chlorination system and had water samples analyzed over a period of time for quality control. We also measured the settlement’s water consumption, constructed infrastructures, and prepared studies on reducing energy costs making relevant recommendations to the project owner.


All these works had to be carried out in a sizeable community of over 4000 plots and houses connected to the water supply network, significantly improving the quality of life for its residents.


Major (Hellenic Army) Eleutherios Belivanakis

The contract was awarded following a public tender; alphadelta delivered the project on time and per specifications. The quality of the extensive maintenance works was excellent, and with all the upgrades the settlement now enjoys a modern and reliable water-supply system. Our collaboration was harmonious. The company was accommodating and eager to provide superior services. They were very patient in dealing with the various needs and requirements of the settlement’s several thousand residents.



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