“Geladaki” Pedestrian Bridge

Athens, Greece

alphadelta constructions was awarded a contract to construct a pedestrian bridge over busy Mesogeion Avenue in Athens by Greece’s Ministry of Development and Competitiveness early in 2013. The Geladaki Bridge project was constructed on time and according to specifications notwithstanding certain omissions on the part of the project owner; another unforeseen but pleasant occurrence was the discovery of archaeological finds in the site (the remnants of a Roman era winery); this necessitated a rescue excavation, yet alphadelta managed to keep to its schedule.
This was a challenging project because among else it dictated an extensive shifting of underground public utility lines (this was not taken into consideration in the original study). The innovative prestressed concrete pedestrian bridge measures 3,5m in width and 55m in length, resting on three columns; on either side it features a metallic staircase and an elevator intended for people with disabilities. The remnants of the Roman winery have been preserved and are now visible, being protected by a special metal construction with shatter-proof glass. The result is a bridge that is both technically sound and aesthetically pleasing.


Ms. G.A., civil engineer with the Ministry of the Environment, Regional Planning and Public Works


alphadelta delivered the project on time and all their  work bears the stamp of superior quality. Our collaboration has been excellent and they have constructed a much needed piece of civic infrastructure without delays; their punctuality notwithstanding unforeseen pitfalls prevented road accidents involving pedestrians trying to cross Mesogeion Avenue that always carries heavy traffic.



Patision 81 str., 

10434, Athens, Greece


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τεχνική κατασκευαστική εταιρεία Αθήνα


τεχνική κατασκευαστική εταιρεία Αθήνα